Global Techno Power

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Global Techno Power

Coinciding with the advent of Global Techno Power (GTP), a fanzine started in 1991 by Robert Hood, visuals also became increasingly important. GTP shared space and resources with Submerge and helped connect Detroit to the emerging techno and rave scenes worldwide.

303 Grand River – Detroit

Centered around GTP, the dozen or so labels swapped ideas and took on bizarre, tongue-in-cheek artist names like Life After Mutation and DR. Kevorkian. In a way, the creativity buzzing around the Submerge offices was not unlike that of Techno Boulevard in the mid- to late 1980s

Chicago • Detroit • Berlin

Even harder to find than the first 'Global Techno Power' compilation. If you get a chance, don't hesitate. Rare Detroit Techno tracks - most of them unfindable in digital format anywhere else than on this long out-of-print release from Japan.

My favourite track on this compilation is taken from Robert Hood's Hardwax release as Dr. Kevorkian, 'The Aftermath' (which was initially entitled 'Suicide Machine'). A highly addictive tune, layering different acidic basslines synths and dramatic strings repeating slight variations of the same melody over and over in different combinations without getting dull. Destroys any dancefloor for sure - so much for the title...

Drexciya (as L. A. M.) deliver a completly freaked out electro track, while Underground Resistance's offerings range from their well known aggressive, militant Techno ('Kamikaze', 'Rage') to spiritual journeys on the 909 ('Backroad To Nirvana', 'Antidote'). And of course, Robert Hood's other guises provide great material, too. This is a must. -Discogs user techsoul, July 28, 2008

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