Cocteau Twins

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Consider the Lilies

Consider the lilies: the beskirted girl springs up on a handstand and becomes, forever after, a simulacrum of the calla lily.

The iconic photo of the lily dancer was taken by Bohumil Kröhn. Later it was printed next to the picture of the real lily in "Lilliput" - British monthly magazine of humour, short stories, photographs and the arts, founded in 1937.

Head Over Heels emblem by 23 Envelope

Cocteau Twins visited London to hand John Peel a demo tape, things were markedly different when the man and his producer loved what they heard. The iconic DJ duly booked the trio for sessions on his Radio One night time show and, in turn, they subsequently signed to Ivo Watt-Russell’s indie imprint, 4 a.d.

"The Cocteau Twins were not a band to be understood – instead they invited you to fly into mystery."

23 Envelope was the name given to the graphic design partnership of graphic designer Vaughan Oliver and photographer/filmmaker Nigel Grierson from 1983-1988. During this time, they created a distinct visual identity for the British independent music label 4AD through their record sleeve designs for bands such as Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, and This Mortal Coil.

Unofficial Cocteau Twins publication.

HEAD OVER HEELS (1983), is a mesmerising collage of iridescent guitar soundscapes and sheets of feedback perforated with Fraser’s unintelligible but highly emotive warbling. Highlighting the bewitching and spacey, `Five Ten Fiftyfold’, `Sugar Hiccup’ (also lead track from the excellent `Sunburst And Snowblind’ EP), `In The Gold Dust Rush’ and `Musette And Drums’, were all templates for the best of COCTEAU TWINS’ work.